Analog is the new red

by admin on November 30, 2017

Our newest arrival are these fabulous retro Silvine notebooks made in UK. You’ll be inspired to make inky lines in these well-proportioned pads. Some are lined, some are blank; every one for a particular occasion. Stop in to be inspired.


Why organize your library?

by admin on September 27, 2017

By Brenda Lant-Humby, library organizer

I’ve always maintained that “a person’s library speaks volumes about them.” Have you ever visited someone’s home who has an extensive book collection? What did their bookshelves look like? Was it impressive or were the shelves unorganized, books lying on top of books, no indication of what was on the shelves, books needing repair? A person’s book choices reflect what they are interested in, what makes them tick. I feel it’s a great shame when their shelves don’t. I see our books as assets, each one an accomplishment – something read, something learned, new perspectives gained. Some books have fond memories attached to them. Books bequeathed to me by my father, passed on down from my great grandparents. Books bought on holiday, books that have taken me on holiday. Books given as presents. Books that have moved me, books that have helped me form my opinion of the world. My books are a big part of who I am. Books are reliable friends, always on the ready to share what’s in them. We should therefore, respect them.

“A person’s library speaks volumes about them.”

Here’s why I organize my library:

  1. It just looks better. If you’re like most serious book collectors you take some pride in your collection. You should take pride in how you display them too.
  2. Preservation. Are your books becoming damaged by use, neglect, improper storage or the passing of time? Organizing helps preserve the state of our books for longevity, for the next owners. Do you know how your books should be put on the shelves, pulled off the shelves, stacking vs. standing? Do they need to be protected by dust jackets? What’s the best location in our home or office? We are just temporary custodians of our books, we need to take proper care of them. Instead of trading our beloved books for newer versions, we should be caring for them, restoring them.
  3. Efficiency. Can you find what book you are looking for when you need it? It’s frustrating to make reference to a book you know you have in your collection but can’t find it.
  4. Duplication. I am sure that we share this in common – you’ve purchased a book on more than a few occasions only to get home and discover that you already own it. I don’t like wasting my time or money.
  5. Lost books. How many books have you loaned out over the years and haven’t had them returned – I bet you’ve lost track of books because you don’t remember lending them out?
  6. Insurance. If part of your collection was stolen or worse, damaged or lost by fire, flood or other natural disaster, do you know what the replacement value is? Do you have your collection properly insured? Do you have a pictorial record of your rare books? Would you be able to prove to your insurer what first editions you had collected?
  7. Reference. Each book I’ve read has left its own kind of imprint on me. I like to jot notes down, whether it be for personal reflection or professional recollection.


It’s been TEN years!

April 8, 2017

Thanks to all you wonderful folks and a bit of hard work, we’ve survived in Durham: we are still chugging after ten years! What does it take? A willingness to accept challenges outside your zone, a load of experience, and some elbow grease. Please join us for our celebration, Monday May 15. We will serve […]

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RailQuest on display

October 5, 2016

Click on each image for a larger view. Ever since I was a kid, I drew comics. But this is the first time I’m going to finish one. Pages 1 through 16 are now on display at the Walkerton Branch Library, and the rest of the story will be published in the new year. The story […]

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Inktober: 31 days, 31 drawings.

September 24, 2016

Every October, artists around the world take up the Inktober challenge. Can you? Visit us for a great selection of inky inspiration. 15% off all ink-related supplies. See you soon! —Tim and Barb

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Summer events

June 21, 2016

Lots of opportunities to jump into art this summer! Free Painting Day: June 25, 2 – 4pm. Supplies provided. Space and supplies limited. All ages. Sidewalk chalk Day: July 2, all day. Join us on the shady side of Garafraxa St. for great times with chalk! Free. Comic Arts Day: July 2, 2 – 4pm. […]

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First Friday free painting session

March 2, 2016

Get your brushes moving this Friday (March 4) from 4 cialis pas cher to 8pm as we add some colour to main street Durham. We’ll work together on a large canvas, all ages encouraged (youngsters need accompaniment). It’s loads of fun. Just show up.

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New Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

January 23, 2016

In May 2013, Holbein introduced to the world market a completely re-engineered line of artist acrylic. The 113 carefully detailed color palette consists of colors derived from both Western and Eastern influences, specifically designed to add luster and brilliance to your paintings. Utilizing the best traditional organic pigments as well as the latest and the […]

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December hours

December 9, 2015

Hello art friends! Special holiday hours are as follows: December 24, closing at 4pm December 25-28, closed December 29 and 30, regular hours December 31, closing at 4pm January 1, closed.

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First Fridays!

October 29, 2015

cialis generique des labo cipla This painting started it all. It’s based on a work by famous artist Jackson Pollock, but completed by last spring’s kids art class. We put it in the window and had about four offers to buy it. Now we want to keep that energy going, and are using the money […]

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